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With the online class environment you have to type everthing out. Theres no writing notes down on piceses of paper to review later everything is done by e-mail's. With taking online classes you can take your time reading and turning in your homework. With traditional classes you have to finish your homework within the classes time frame. Its so much different than being in a traditional school were as you would interact with an instructor face to face you interact with e-mails. When you are in online school you make your own time to go to school were as in traditional school you have a set time to go.
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Unformatted text preview: When taking test's in a traditional school you have to go meet with the instructor with your notes and anything else you need to study with. Were as in onlie school all your notes are in your computer and you don't have to meet with the instructor it's already ready in the assignment's waiting for you to get started on. You just have to get used to being at a computer rather than in a class room with actual people in online school your class mate could be in Japan or any were else in the world....
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