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Effective Persuasion

Effective Persuasion - The author Marc Siegel of an article...

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The author, Marc Siegel, of an article I recently read called “Treating the Pain by Ending a Life," brought the idea that morphine can be used as a drug to keep suffering at bay for people who are nearing the end of their lives to my attention. Siegel argues that using morphine for this purpose does not constitute overdosing if the goal is to help a patient become relaxed and comfortable whilst dying. I agree with his point of view, although, at first I did not. After reading his essay, however and seeing how morphine had helped a woman with cancer live out the remainder of her life in peace I changed my stance in favor of the idea. I believe that it is unfair to let someone who is dying suffer. Most people have led a good life and do not deserve to suffer before passing away. I am not sure of the specifics of what happened to my father at the hospital but I do know about my wife's grandfather’s experience. Morphine was administered to her grandfather top help him relax and make him comfortable whilst he was dying. Reading this essay has
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