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Individuals should be given the freedom to lead their lives as they choose. Of course, such freedom is not absolute and laws should intervene to limit this freedom, especially when the rights of others are infringed. In the case of the use of cannabis, it is a victimless crime, insofar as nobody other than the user him/herself experiences the effects of the use of the substance. Hence, the State should not act in a paternalistic fashion by legislating against something which harms only the actual user. The latest research that was conducted by the Complutense University in Madrid indicates that cannabis has the potential to kill cancerous ‘glaucoma’ cells. Governments should acknowledge such findings and legalize cannabis in order to alleviate the pain of patients who are afflicted with such diseases. The long term heavy use of cannabis does not appear to produce severe or grossly debilitating impairment of cognitive function like that produced by chronic heavy alcohol use. There is nonetheless suggestive evidence that some
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