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Axia College Material Appendix A Midterm Exam Answer each question below. Answers should be approximately 100 words per question. 1. What are the different forms of social media that exist today? Provide examples of different social media and their primary purposes. Social media exists in a fair amount of different forms, these days. Some examples include social networking, blogging, social bookmarking, photo sharing, wiki's, and video sharing, just to name a few. The point of social networking is to form a community of people on the internet. Social networking sites can have many different types of social media on the same site, such as Facebook. A second kind of social media are blogs. Blogs give people online journals where they can talk freely about any topic. One such blogging site is Blogger, where users can share their thoughts and opinions with the world. The next kind of social media is social bookmarking. Social bookmarking lets people share their favorite online content. A popular social bookmarking site is Digg. Similarly, photo sharing lets individuals share photos with the public, a prime example being Photobucket. Wikis are another form of social media. A wiki site makes it possible for many people to work on a single piece of content together from all over the world. Wikipedia is one of the biggest wikis. Lastly, video sharing is a kind of social media where users can share video, much like photo sharing. An example most people are familiar with is YouTube. 2. What are the greatest benefits of social media for individuals and society? Social media is beneficial to individuals and society for many different reasons. One of the biggest benefits people see in social media is the ability to stay connected with family and friends all over the world. Even when they are miles and miles away, you won't feel like you are missing anything with your friends and family. Another great aspect of social media is how it can be used to spread the word about a product. Social media can be used to look for a certain product that you can’t find in stores. Using social media sites, companies have access to millions of potential customers. 3. What are the greatest problems of social media for individuals and society? Social media can be the source of a lot of issues between people and collective society. For example, social media can cause lots of drama. Another harm of social media is the possibility of people spreading bad information about someone or a company. Similarly, the opportunity for scams is greatly increased because of social networking sites. This type of problem can lead to suspicion, and people may not want to branch out and meet new people. Those types of things make the internet unsafe to use your credit card to purchase items you want. 4.
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Mid-Term-Appendix-A - Axia College Material Appendix A...

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