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The Environment's Health Is Our Concern

The Environment's Health Is Our Concern - The Environment's...

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The Environment's Health Is Our Concern People often ponder about the greenhouse effect without regard in noticing the damages that come from these situations. People often worry about short-term goals and short-term affects that are caused by the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere. However, people should be looking way past the short-term affects and start looking at the long-term effects. They should also worry about the effects that will stop the greenhouse effect from happening again or becoming worse. Fossil fuels account for more than 80% of United States global warming pollution. The greenhouse effect is a moral concern and everyone should be told about the situation going on in the world. People often do not realize all of the side effects that have come from the greenhouse effects, or that these side effects will affect the people that are trying to help out the atmosphere. If people were told these things and made aware of what was happening they would try to help the environment and keep the atmosphere healthy.
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