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I intend to use definitions in my final paper. I think that doing so will benefit my essay and its readers; definitions allow readers to fully understand a papers true meaning. It helps them to completely understand what your essay is trying to say and what its main points are. I have chosen to write an essay explaining why Americans should legalize marijuana. If my essay is to be a success it must convince the reader that marijuana is less harmful then alcohol and tobacco. To do this I will need to include an examination of the good qualities marijuana has. A definition essay will
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Unformatted text preview: also supply much needed detail on examples which readers may not understand right away. Detail in an essay is very important to me. I make sure that every essay I write includes plenty of detail instead of gloss. Sharp details pull the reader in and encourage them to read more; fine details also help build a stronger case for your point of view so including them in my essay will really make my readers share my feelings towards marijuana. I hope to include resources from the internet to back up my points further and fully explore the legalization of marijuana....
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