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I plan to get off of parole within the next three years. My guide lines that I have to follow are: first continue to check in with my parole officer second is to give clean testes, and the third is to stay away from bad influences. I believe that if I continue to follow the guide lines I’ve set for myself I will get off of parole in three years. If I don’t I will end up going back to prison and stay on parole for another year. I think going to college is a big step for me two
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Unformatted text preview: years ago I would’ve never imagined going to college let alone getting my G.E.D. With the time I did I realized that I have to better myself with education because I would not get far in work life. With the type of crime I went in for people look down upon me, I can except that but I don’t want people just to look at what I did, I want people to look at what I’m trying to do with my life now that I’m out....
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