Hamilton's Financial Program

Hamilton's Financial Program - Checkpoint Hamiltons...

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Checkpoint: Hamilton’s Financial Program Derek Conway HIS/115 George Washington appointed Alexander Hamilton first secretary of the Treasury in 1971. Hamilton was responsible for reporting the national finances to Congress, and he developed a plan called Hamilton’s Financial Programs. This program was designed to shore up the nation’s finances and ensure its continued financial strength. His plan had two main goals: to use the power of the federal government to make the United States both economically strong and independent of Europe, through national manufacturing and commerce, and to link the interests of America’s wealthy to the interests of the new government. By bringing the states together under one central government bank through a new system and new taxes, Hamilton’s aims were that the central government could pay the debts of the states from the Revolutionary War. To further strengthen the idea of this national bank, Hamilton asked that the bank be called the Bank of the United States.
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Hamilton's Financial Program - Checkpoint Hamiltons...

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