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1 Physics 6C: Energy in Electric Fields 2 Housekeeping Midterm 1 -- Friday 4/22 ! covers material through HW3 Review session Thursday 4/21 7:00-8:30pm ! PSB 110 I’ve posted last Springs first midterm on eCommons ! material covered looks about right ! exam seems long for a midterm Review problems for Chapters 20, 21 are on MP now ! you can do them anytime up through 6/7 for extra-credit ! extra credit makes up for lost homework and clicker points only 3 Potential difference Potential difference looks at potential energy change per unit charge ! depends only on electric field configuration ! and starting and ending points Two particularly important cases… ! uniform field in some direction ! field of a point charge Potential difference is easiest to work with when there’s an agreed upon zero-point 4 A closer look Rule of thumb on signs: field lines point toward lower potential Path from A to C is longer but ! E · ds is same as for path from A to B Any path from A to C gives same result E=15N/C 3m 3m A C B A C
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5 Potential for a point charge Potential change moving from A to B Define the potential a distance r from a point charge ! the change in potential moving from ! to r A B 6 Dot products and signs E E ! s
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L9_15Apr_posted - Housekeeping Physics 6C: Energy in...

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