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Unformatted text preview: --------------------------------1Physics 6BThermodynamicsand Heat Engines--------------------------------2Newcomen Enginehttp://videos.howstuffworks.com/discovery/34868-massive-engines-newcomen-steam-engine-video.htmhttp://videos.howstuffworks.com/discovery/34867-massive-engines-newcomen-engine-in-action-video.htm--------------------------------3Housekeeping•If you gave me a DRC form, please confirm via e-mail what you’ll needfor midterm.•Practice Exam (from Spring 2009) posted!I’m aiming to have solutions posted early next week•Review session for midterm: Sunday 2/6, 7-9pm, Classroom Unit 2--------------------------------4First Law of Thermodynamics•Energy conservation•Q: add heat to the system (add energy)•–W:let the system do work (use energy)•!U: “leftover” energy remains insystem, changing its temperature!U = Q – Wchange in internalenergy of system(net) work doneBY system(net) heat addedTO systemModel system --gas in a cylinder.Fixed amount of gas, movablepiston, gas can be heated--------------------------------5•Isobaric (constant pressure)!horizontal line on p,Vdiagram»A "B•Constant-volume(“isochoric”)!vertical line on p,Vdiagram»A "C•Isothermal(constant temperature)!curved pV = constantpath on p,Vdiagram»C "B via•Adiabaticprocesses!no heat added4 types of processes (paths)ABD546KC273K546K1092K...
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L11_28Jan_posted - --------------------------------1Physics

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