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challenge course paper

challenge course paper - M atheos Yirga EDCP315 CHALLENGE...

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Matheos Yirga 05/09/11 EDCP315 CHALLENGE COURSE PAPER So I had to go to a Challenge Course for a leadership class again. I wonder if I will learn anything new and actually make it to the top of the ropes course instead of just the middle. I walked to the ERC that day knowing that I wouldn’t enjoy anything at the Challenge Course because I have done all of it before, but they surprised me and added some things I didn’t do last year. I wish we went through the challenge course for two days instead of one because we were unable to do the ropes course and I was very sad I couldn’t challenge myself. Apart from not going through the ropes course, we were inside for the duration of the Challenge Course, and were instructed to do three different activities. One of the activities involved our group to be split up in two do see if we can transfer a tennis ball from the top of an oange cone from one side of the room to the other with only a silver ring attached to pieces of string. The
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only way to move the tennis ball was to balance the ball on the silver ring and
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