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RBRVS Calculation 30 points Sample GPCIs for selected U.S. Cities City Work GPCI Practice Expense GPCI Malpractice Expense GPCI St. Louis 1.000 .946 .941 Dallas 1.010 1.063 1.061 Seattle 1.010 1.115 .819 Philadelphia 1.020 1.098 1.386 CPT Code Description Work RVU Practice Expense RVU Malpractice Expense RVU 99203 Office Visit 1.34 .48 .09 99204 Office Visit 2.00 .71 .12 10080 I&D of pilonidal cyst, simple 1.17 1.11 .11 45380 Colonoscopy with biopsy 4.43 1.73 .35 52601 TURP, complete 12.35 5.1 .87 Conversion Factor: $25.5217 (2011) a. What can a physician in St. Louis bill Medicare for an office visit for a new patient
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Unformatted text preview: with a detailed history and physical and low-complexity medical decision making (code 99204)? (assuming the patient has met any deductible for the year) b. In which city would a physician receive the highest reimbursement for a TURP? c. In which city would a physician receive the lowest reimbursement for a colonoscopy with biopsy? d. Calculate the expected payment for an incision and drainage of a pilonidal cyst in each of the cities listed....
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