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Chinese 252 Names, Titles, Terms Aug. 30, 2010 Chronological Divisions: 1. the Neolithic period: c. 6000 – c. 2000 BCE. 2. the sān dài h (three dynasties) period: c. 2000 – 771 BCE. Xià h c. 2000 BCE to c. 1600 BCE. Shāng h c. 1600 BCE to 1045 BCE. Zhōu h 1045 to 771 BCE. 3. the Classical Period Chūnqiū h (Spring and Autumn) 771 to 481 BCE. interregnum: 481 to 403 BCE. Zhànguó h (Warring States): 403 to 221 BCE. Texts: 4. oracle bonesh Oracle bones ( Chinese : h ; pinyin : ji g ) are pieces of ǎ ǔ bone or turtle plastron (underside) bearing the answers to divination chiefly during the late Shang Dynasty . They were heated and cracked, then typically inscribed using a bronze pin [1] in what is known as oracle bone script . The oracle bones are the earliest known significant [2] corpus of ancient Chinese writing , and contain important historical information such as the complete royal genealogy of the Shāng dynasty [3] . These records confirmed the existence of the Shāng dynasty, which some scholars, until then, doubted. 5. bronze inscriptions Chinese Bronze inscriptions are writing in a variety of Chinese scripts on Chinese bronze artifacts such as zhōng [1] bells and d ng ǐ tripodal cauldrons from the Shāng dynasty to the Zhōu dynasty and even later. Early bronze inscriptions were almost always cast (that is, the writing was done with a stylus in the wet clay of the piece-mold from which the
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aug 30 note chin252 - Chinese 252 Names, Titles, Terms Aug....

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