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the one who review question will post this weekend 1h master kong 2 confucious Confucious is a very important person in XXXX mater in terms of class, he was a h bronze is expensive, very stature of kong zi has it. 1900. . lots of japanese and korean have no surname the surnames' function id for government has more control on people 1. analax-lun yu: come into being over two hundred year 2. li ji-the book of rights 3. zuo zhuan 4. guoyu-later state of kong zi version. chronanical by states
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Unformatted text preview: 5. biography of kong zi- han dai- continous story. learn li and act according to li forget about what goodness, just act to li just act if you are good, after years and years, u are just good my father in law and my husband and my son are eaten by tiger. why dont u go and live in some other place coz the government here is not harsh harsh governement is harsh than tiger....
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