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Unformatted text preview: Chinese 252 Names &Terms Oct. 4–6, 2010 1. Zhànguócè x –û¹ª (The Intrigues of the Warring States) The Three Successor states of Jìn: 2. Zhào h 3. Wèy h 4. Hán h Jìn Ministerial Clans that Did Not Survive into the Warring States Era: 5. Fàn h 6. Zhōngháng h 7. Zhì h in the beginning, zhi was the most powerful states. Various People and Places: 8. the count of Zhì h 9. Zhào Xiāngzǐ h 10. Jìnyáng h 11. Ānyì h 12. Píngyáng h 13. Bì Yù Ràng h 14. Shāng Yāng h 15. Shāng Jūn Shū h (orig. known as Gōngsūn Yāng h ) (the viscount of Zhào) (clan stronghold of Zhào) (clan stronghold of Wèy) (clan stronghold of Hán) (Book of Lord Shāng; a book of dialogues in which Shāng Yāng is portrayed expounding legalist doctrines to the ruler of Qín) 16. Qín Xiào-gōng h 17. Zhào Liáng h 18. Sūn Bīn h 19. Páng Juān h 19. Guǐgǔzǐ ǔ notes: ˆ ý¹ª* ÐùŠE remote è — û¹ ª á Warring states period h 1. Ł û ¹ ª states can feed army, so they can go very far and long. 2. Different philosophies, known as the Hundred Schools of Thought, developed in this period. The most notable schools of thought include those of Mencius, Sun Tzu, Lao Zi, Zhuang Zi, Han Feizi,Xun Zi and Mozi. 3. Trade also became important, and some merchants had considerable power in politics.[ 4. The Warring States Period saw the proliferation of iron working in China, replacing bronze as the dominant type of metal used in warfare. --- farm more efficiently 5. Areas such as Shu (present-day Sichuan) and Yue (present-day Zhejiang) were also brought into the Chinese cultural sphere during this time. 6. most armies made use of infantry and cavalry in battles, and the use of chariots became less popular. The use of massed infantry made warfare more bloody and reduced the importance of the aristocracy which in turn made the kings more despotic. 7. This period is also notable for the development of complex bureaucracies and centralized governments, as well as a clearly established legal system. 8. Ł û ¹ ª stops recording the history from then on. Instead Zhuan Guo Ci and Shi Ji becomes the main recording books. h 1. six versions 2. complied by Liu Xiang 3. time of creation: late warring state period, Han Dynasty 4. purpose: show off verbal skills, gives pretext for person who gives long speech 5. historical events are not use for author 6. make up story---happens in Zhan Guo Ce è— û ¹ ª 1. h phh x1y¼ª á 1 Ð ù Šk h h hp h h h p1 2. Last 30 years of Jin, 6 clans become the most powerful--- Zhao, Wei, Han, Fan, Zhong Hang, Zhi h 1. In the beginning, Zhi is the most powerful clan 2. Diverted the water which flooded into Jin Yang 3. Day dream to use same strategy to flood Wey and Han 4. ˚ & º ª á àÊ & º ª á w Ì Ç Û‘M 403 e i h 1. Serve Fan, Zhong Hang, and Zhi 2. Zhi gave him very important responsibility and treated him as a hero; however, Zhong Hang and Wei only treated him as a commoner 3. “x y¼ª á Ð ù Šk ’ 4. Devoted his whole rest of life to revenge Zhao 5. Assasinate the viscout of Zhao but failed. Zhao Xiang Zi is moved by his loyaty If the road can be roaded, it’s not the real road. If the name can be named, it’s not the real name. i i w Oí “Oí ” í,í í,í íûŠk íûŠk “ :” J í ûŠ k i wOí “ ” Shang Yang Bian Fa: Another school of philosophy h you can achieve idealy efficient. Punlish bad things The ruler can not be virtuous because the pulishment goes well. Similar to Guan Zhong becomes Qi’s prime ministor. Under the ministration of Shangyang, Qi becomes military strong People become crazy about Shang Yang’s rules, and Shang Yang is dispeased and said they are troublemakers, so he punish them. Even the rat knows rules but some people don’t. “Look at the rat…it has teeth. A man without…. Look at the rat…A man without manner..” Diginity. Manner. Por.. Xian: the beginning of centralized beuor.. There are not the lords, but people responsible for the rulers The institution of direct center control: the first step of Qin The others then follow Sun Bin and Pang Juan (Guan Zhong Bao Shu Ya) Loyal friends become enemy “Sun Pang Dou Zhi” Lao Zi is older than Kong Zi from Zhou royal Dao h ˜ û ¹ ª á h h parodox à Ê& ºªá à Ê & ºª á p Ì Ç Û‘ M e s h h h ›û ¹ªá `òè If the dao de jing of lao zi is the most popular in the world, sun zi bin fa would be the second If ...
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