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Wed., Sept. 8, 2010 1. h virtue, quality a person have to process in order to survive classic chinese- the meaning of DE more extended. correctness. supernatural,strength 2. dé é (“accumulate virtue”) refund of idea dynastic cycle. dynasty may at some time in the middle become more powerful 3. zhōng xīng h middle flourishing Shao Kang of Xia: Shao Kang Zhong Xing Shang zhong xing ruler: Wu Ding Zhou: King Xuan 4. Jiāng Tàigōng h 5. Zhōu Wŭwáng h son of King Wen son of heaven: a new term of Zhou people any king of Zhou dynasty is referred to son of Heaven: h 6. Zhōugōng h younger brother: duke Zhou Key legendary figue in Chiense History relate ritual put his two younger brothers of death because the brothers offend the law: h
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