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Fall, 2010 Chinese 252 Review Questions, Series 1, Part B 1. Of the following states, which four were not among the “central” states and were regarded by people of those states as semi-barbaric: Jìn, Qín, Ch ǔ , L , Qí, ǔ Wú, Yuè , Zhèng, Sòng 2. When Chóng’ěr (Lord Wèn of Jìn or Jìn Wén-gōng) came to the state of Cāo, why did the wife of the Cāo officer Xī F Jī ǔ advise her husband to bring gifts of food and offers of service to Chóng’ěr? She thinks that Chong’er is not just a normal person and he could become the King in the future. Therefore, they need to treat him nicely. 3. According to legend, who made (or caused to be made) the ji d ng ǔ ǐ or nine (sacred) vessels? Yu the great 4. Who said the following to whom and why did he say it: “When the sovereign’s virtue is commendable and brilliant, the vessels, even if small, would be heavy; when the sovereign’s virtue is darkened and obscured, the vessels, even if large, would be light.” Wang Sun Man said to Chu Zhuang Wang He wanted to persuade Chu Zhuang Wang to obey the virtue and retreat the troops. 5. There is a poem in the Book of Songs (‘Kio’ sings the oriole / As it lights on the thorn bush. ..) that describes the burial of the living with the dead at the funeral of a lord of the Spring and Autumn era. In what state did this take place and who was the lord? 6. Once an officer had an audience with Ch Zhuāng-wá ǔ ng and said, “A strange bird has alighted in the land of Ch , ǔ that for three years has not been seen to fly, and for three years has not been heard to sing.” What was the officer talking about and why didn’t he use plainer language? He was talking about Chu Zhuang Wang, but he was afraid if he used plainer language, he could be killed. 7. Why did K ngz ǒ ǐ think that a system of ritual would result in a better society than a system of law? He thinks that ritual has a larger range than law. If people believe in ritual, they will obey the law by themselves. 8. What was the relationship of Jiè Z Tuī ǐ to the Cold Food Festival ( Hānshíjié h )? Since Jie Zi Tui was burned to die, the Cold Food Festival was used to memorize him by eating cold food and don’t use fire to cook the food. 9. Who exhumed the corpse of a former king of Ch ǔ and gave it three hundred lashes; and why did he do this? Wu Zi Xu. Since Chu Ping Wang killed his father, brother, and almost killed him. 10. According to legend, which of the hegemons showed a masterful understanding of political showmanship when he distributed fine wine to a group of hillbillies who had killed one of his fine horses and were in the process of devouring its flesh? 11. Why did King Fúchāi order W Z Xū ǔ ǐ to commit suicide? 12. In “Jìn Líng-gōng Was Not a True Ruler,” why does the court historian D ng H
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rev.qu.1b(2) - Fall,2010 Chinese 252 Review Questions...

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