rev.qu.2b 天才一代

Rev.qu.2b 天才一代

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Chinese 252 Review Questions, Series 2, Part B 1. With what emperor is Yáng Guìfēi associated? h 2. What is the literal meaning of the term chuánqí ? ì 3. What dynasty immediately preceded the Táng dynasty? h 4. What modern Chinese city was the site of the capitals of the “Six Dynasties” of the Period of North-south Division? h 5. What are a couple of formal features that distinguish a l shī ǜ poem from a gŭ shī poem? h x ) 8O“é .ō — 2O“ 6. Name a couple of Táng dynasty tales that include episodes involving the imperial examination system. The story of Cui Yingying, The story of Miss Li 7. In “Song of the Wandering Son,” with what does the poet compare a son’s love for his mother? h 8. How did Liáng Shānbó and Zhù Yīngtái initially get to know each other? Zhu Yingtai dressed up as a boy and studied in Hang with Liang Shanbo. 9. Who led a rebellion that almost put an end to the Táng dynasty in the mid-8th century A.D.? h 10. What is the only living object depicted in the poem “Cold River Snow?” W 4 h 11. Why did Bó Yí and Shú Qí feel that they could not in good conscience eat grain provided them by Zhōu? They think Zhou Wu wang is not filial by going into war soon after his father is dead and not humane by murdering his ruler. They protested the ruling of Zhou by refusing to eat grain provided by Zhou. 12. How did Hóu Yíng enable Xìnlíng Jūn to rescue Zhào from an attack by Qín? Acting on Houying’s advice, Xingling Jun asked Lady Ru to steal the tally for him. Then he took over the army and attack Qin. 13. What part of his body did Zhāng Yí ask his wife to inspect after suffering a beating in Chŭ? h h
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14. What narrative poem ends with the double suicide of a young couple forced to part by the girl’s mother-in- law? The wife of Jiao Zhongqing 15. In what tale, does a maid named Hóngniáng serve as a message-bearer for a pair of young lovers? The story of Cui Yingying 16. What Táng classical prose stylist advocated a return to the rough, straight-forward, non-parallel style of pre- imperial and early Hàn times? h 17. In what Táng story does the future co-founder (with his father) of the Táng dynasty make a brief appearance? The curly-bearded hero 18. How did Hán Yù make a dangerous crocodile depart from Cháozhōu when he was the governor of that district? Han Yu would have it killed if it did not leave in 7 days. 19. What was one of Hán Yù’s main objections to Buddhism? It is not worthy of worship. It never existed in the golden age of the past; and it brought disaster to the kings that
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Rev.qu.2b 天才一代

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