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Chinese 252 Review Questions, Series 2, Part B 9 h 7 1. With what emperor is Yáng Guìfēi associated? Tang Xuan Zong h 2. What is the literal meaning of the term chuánqí ? Chuan- To transmit Qi- the strange 3. What dynasty immediately preceded the Táng dynasty? Sui h 4. What modern Chinese city was the site of the capitals of the “Six Dynasties” of the Period of North-south Division? Nan jing (ancient city was called Jian Kang h ) 5. What are a couple of formal features that distinguish a l shī ǜ poem from a gŭ shī poem? Gu Shi only constrained by line length and rhyme Lu Shi has additional tonal restraints and have parallelism between 2 nd and 3 rd couplets Another version: Lu shi, or regulated verse, is divided into eight lines. Lu shi is divided into either ping (even tones) or ze or (rough tones). It contains four parallel couplets. Nouns in the first line are balanced with nouns in the third line, and verbs in the first line are balanced with verbs in the third line. The rhyming sequence is usually AXBX. Gus shi, or old style verse, did not contain eight lines. It is basically like Lu Shi except without the strict rules. Jenny’s answer: A lu shi poem is more regulated, such as tonal regulations, and it has 4 couplets, with couplets 2 and 3 being parallel. 6. Name a couple of Táng dynasty tales that include episodes involving the imperial examination system. “The Story of Cui Ying Ying”- Zhang took an examination In the “Story of Miss Li”, a “young man” (no name) tried to compete at the Provincial Examination 7. In “Song of the Wandering Son,” with what does the poet compare a son’s love for his mother? The poet compares a son’s love for his mother with grass. 7 h 7 h h h 8. How did Liáng Shānbó and Zhù Yīngtái initially get to know each other? Zhu Yingtai was girl who dressed up as boy and went to school with Liang Shanbo. They went to an all-boys school and were roommates. This occurred during the Jin Dynasty. 9. Who led a rebellion that almost put an end to the Táng dynasty in the mid-8th century A.D.? An Lushan 10. What is the only living object depicted in the poem “Cold River Snow?” A solitary old man angling in the cold river snow h 11. Why did Bó Yí and Shú Qí feel that they could not in good conscience eat grain provided them by Zhōu? Bo Yi and Shu Qi feels that it was improper for the new king of Zhou (Zhou Wu Wang) to attack the Shang Dynasty when proper mourning rituals were not given to the old Zhou leader (Zhou Wen Wang) 12. How did Hóu Yíng enable Xìnlíng Jūn to rescue Zhào from an attack by Qín? Hou Ying came up with a plan to steal the Wey (Xin Ling Jun’s state) commander’s comman tally so that Xinling Jun could take over the Wey army and defend Zhao. Butcher Zhu Hai, Hou Ying’s friend, helped Xinling Jun kill the Wey commander Jin Bi. Xin ling Jun is prince of Wey. Qin attack Zhao. Xin Ling Jun's sister marry to Zhao. Zhao asked help for Wey. Fared of
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Review 2b - Chinese 252 Review Questions Series 2 Part B h...

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