EXAM 1 ESSAY Q+ANS - Fall, 2009 1. According to legend, the...

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1. According to legend, the military expert Sūn W ǔ on one occasion managed to bring about the execution of the two favorite concubines of his patron and employer King Hél ǘ of Wú. Why, from his point of view, was this a desirable thing, and how could he have been sure in advance that the distressed and enraged king would not retaliate by having him put to death? (hint: the story of “the banquet without hatbands” may prove useful to your discussion). Answer: It was a desirable thing because he didn’t want King Helu to devote himself to women, which would make other people think that he was incapable and diminish his ability to lead. Therefore, in showing that king Helu was not a petty man who was only interested in women, it was desirable to establish his authority in his ruling state. 2. In 600 BCE, Chén Líng-gōng and two of his ministers created a scandal by openly indulging in licentious misbehavior with Xià Jī, the widow of a same-surname cousin of Líng-gōng’s. In 506 BCE., the state of Wú invaded Ch ǔ and occupied its capital, forcing the Ch ǔ king to flee, enduring danger and hardship. According to the ancient historians, how did event #1 lead gradually but inexorably to event #2? Reconstruct the bridge of causation. (be careful! This bridge has quite a few specific phases!) Answer: (600BCE) Chen ling gong, Shen Shu Shi and Xia Ji had an affair, even though Xia Ji already had a son. Xia Ji’s son Xia Nan was insulted, such that his patrilinity was questioned. Xia nan then killed Chen Ling Gong out of anger and frustration. After Chen Ling Gong died, Chu Zhuang Wang had an opportunity to intervene the state of Chen as a hegemon. He defeats the state of Chen and wanted to annex it, but restored it (kong zi commented on this). Wu Chen escaped to Jin with Xia Ji and had a son. They later sent their son to Wu to train the military there. After time, when the army of Wu became very strong, Jin together with Wu, launched an atk on Chu. Wu was then known for atking Chu, while allying with Jin. (506 BCE) After time, Chu ping wang was the descendent of Chu Zhuang Wang, and his PM, Fei WuJi, was evil and slandered against his loyal officier, Wu She. Eventually, Wu She and his elder son, Wu Shang were killed but his younger son, Wu Zi Xu, escaped to Wu . (probably because he knew the people of Wu are generally enemies with the people of Chu, from the story of Chen Ling Gong) There, he became a great court officier and made Wu a very powerful state. He then led Wu military and had regular excursions to Chu. It was probably done to expand Wu territory but also somehow related to his personal reasons – he wanted revenge on Chu Ping Wang and thus to crush the state of Chu. Chen was going downhill and Chu destroyed Chen. Chu eventually goes downhill and
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EXAM 1 ESSAY Q+ANS - Fall, 2009 1. According to legend, the...

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