note - The order of the discourse assembling tha argument...

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Proposal: you are presenting an argument about an public issue that needs to be addressed at UNC, and persuading the Division of Student Affairs to pick your PSA. Affect VS. Effect Effect: noun. Affect: verb. Invention,arrangement,style,memory,delivery Clear and concise argument Produce a psa to inform students about the problem Propose the issue is a prolem The audience and their needs,desires,thoughts Types of evvidence to employ with the particular audience How best to appeal to the audience Which topics to employ examine the situation.generate ideas Best timing and propoton for communication Arrangement
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Unformatted text preview: The order of the discourse: assembling tha argument effectively Introduce your issue. Why is it important? Explain the facts, denotations, and connontations of the issue Construct an argument appropriate for the issue audience Challege the opposition, which requires understanding the opposition. Explain what Style Presenting the argument cogently and artistly Delivery The way the discourse is performed Effectively using voice, gestures, text and image Main claim: a claim is not just a statement you want your audience to afree with , but a solution to a problem that you thin...
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note - The order of the discourse assembling tha argument...

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