CRT Week 9 Capstone

CRT Week 9 Capstone - look at the media to be accurate and...

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Capstone CheckPoint In the future, thinking critically will influence the way I read and the way I process information because I will not automatically jump to conclusions before finishing the article, book, magazine or whatever it may be. I will take the time to get all of the facts before making any judgments. When I am writing, thinking critically can prevent me from saying something politically incorrect or something that would offend someone. Applying critical thinking when evaluating the media is somewhat of a difficult process. People
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Unformatted text preview: look at the media to be accurate and appropriate all of the time. For example, when we watch the news, we expect to be given the facts without and mistakes at all. If a news anchor were to deliver false information or if their appearance is not up to par, we automatically judge and think less of that person simply because they are a public figure. Applying critical thinking in a situation such as that or even a conversation, will prevent any derogatory thoughts from developing....
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