HCR 230 Week 5 Assignment Understanding work related injuries

HCR 230 Week 5 Assignment Understanding work related injuries

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Work-Related Injuries     1 Understanding Work-Related Injuries By Candace Smith May 8, 2011 HCR 230
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Work-Related Injuries     2 There is a type of insurance referred to as workers compensation or workers comp for short, which enables employees’ coverage if injured on the job. Employers are the ones that pay for this insurance; it provides coverage for medical care and also cash benefits to those injured or ill due to work related situations. Under work compensation laws every worker is covered. If an employee dies because of a work related illness or injury, those who are considered to be the dependents of that said employee would receive the benefits (Governor’s Office of Employee Relations, 2004). Any injury that happens to an employee while they are on the job should be reported to the employer. Once the employer receives notification, they must then inform the insurance carrier and state workers compensation about the said incident in writing. The employee will then receive a medical order to take to his or her doctor that provides the treatment for the illness or injury. A healthcare provider is then chosen by the insurance carrier or the employer. If the employee refuses to see the provider that has been chosen, his or her workers compensation benefits might not be paid. The insurance carrier, the employer, the employee, and the healthcare provider all have responsibilities to meet in this situation (Valeruis, Bayes, Newby and Seggern, 2008). The affected employee will have to find some sort of first aid or medical treatment as soon as
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HCR 230 Week 5 Assignment Understanding work related injuries

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