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march 3 lecture notes

march 3 lecture notes - • Strucutre o 10 multiple...

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March 3 Lecture Notes What characteristics do you believe cause a country to move abroad? o Welcome mat benefits: both tax and regulatory resource think tax Breaks or flexible environmental o Access to resources (think oil or cheap skilled labor or minerals) o Large market o Infrastructure o Financial Regulation o Rule of law o Special Interest groups o Degree to which regulation to opening business o Patent Protection o Culture of the company you wish to engage o Stability both politically and economically, structure of market Arrival of MNC’s makes host countries better off? o Consider Japan, and the history of modernization, how Western manufacturers made direct investment (FDI) like machinery and electric machinery lead to the country evolving, and that kind of industry was non-existent before that time o Not every future MNC will result in this FOR MIDTERM
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Unformatted text preview: • Strucutre : o 10 multiple choice (conceptual) (20%) o 4 out of 6 short answer/ identification/ explanation (What is a regional trade agreement) (30%) o 3 problems no choice, exactly like hw, nothing different (except numbers) (30%) o Remember to write everything out and give explanations • Topics: o Supply & Demand, Equilibrium, quantity supplied v quantity demanded, excess supply, excess demand o Producer and Consumer Surplus o Comparitve Advantage, Opportunity Cost o Production Possibilities frontier (including how it is related to trade) o Gains from trade o HO and Stolpherson o Intra v inter industry trade o Trade barriers, compare losses from one to another o Arguments for and against trade o Little about GATT AND WTO o RTA (don’t state specifics) o FDI/MNE o Don’t worry about free trade paradox...
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