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April 11 arlt notes

April 11 arlt notes - took land away(this figure used to be...

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April 11, 2011 Read about the two and history of towns Mexican Revolution of 1910 (comprable to Russian or French) o A revolution of people trying to take their lives back, o People don’t just revolt because they are sad, hurt or poor, it is more than that or else the world would be revolting more, it is when something that they possess is taken away o Major revolutions are rare o By 1911, only 5% of land that was suitable for farming belonged to Meixcan peasants, remember 1883 land law that
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Unformatted text preview: took land away (this figure used to be larger), remember in 1894 that 1/5 of land mass in Mexico was owned by wealthy, foreign elite, and friends of Diaz, new investment lead to sharp price rises when more money is chasing a limited number of goods prices go up o Focus on Emiliano Zapata of Morelas and Pancho Villa of Chihuahua o Fuentes Mexican writer o Octavio paz o rulfo...
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