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April 20, 2011 Lecture Notes Rulfo Remember that the Mexican Revolution started after a botched election, ordinary Mexicans did not know what to think, while many started to campaign against president, they really started to campaign for Vice Presidency, consider Modero – effective sufferage no relection, very popular in though he had a rudimentary understanding of democracy, did not win begin Porfidio stole election Remember our discussion about Sonora, Sonora culture and ideas, Cristero rebellion (Jalisco state and others), Western Mexico was a place were men were pushed into war by women, people willing to die, different than Sonora, these people were willing to give up their bodies for the war beyond A world of silences: as Rulfo portrays as the thrill of violence but also sexuality, community and dance In Rulfo’s writing every word matters, but remember takes the role as an outsider Rulfo suppresses the soft, little roles for women, world where
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Unformatted text preview: people don’t trust eachother, people endure, don’t expect much out of others, sense that if a person is going to get something they are going to need to steal or murder to get it, think that the sociological contradiction goes like this – the hungry child--- the religious people less with wonder and more with fear, the characters endure cruelties including being alone in their happiness, most consistent response is silence, characters contain one another because of a lack of options, characters are interchangeable, each character would have done the same thing, curious sense of what is not there • To walk allows the reader and writer to share what goes on in the characters brain, allows characters to be connected • See book for notes • Questions for next class: affairs, who is she, pet dog and defies expectations, occupation, cemetery plot cellar, pay attention to end of story and its meaning...
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