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arlt april 4 notes - Lecture Notes April 4 F inal Chapters...

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Lecture Notes April 4 Final Chapters of Solitude Reread Chapters for Clarification on Details (black prostitute? Wtf? The Return of Jose Arcadio, the second o After years of lying to his mother, turns out he is not hugely religious, a sinner, uses his money to buy hookers, turns out he never wanted to pope o When he returns he takes over Meme’s room and makes it lavish, takes luxurious baths, buys a lot of cheap perfume, he uses Ursula’s old stash of gold that she had been protecting (in a statue and she was waiting for true owner to take it back), wanders around the town and picks up children and they have these vast parties, uses money for luxurious unnecessary things Whips the children after one night, they are in a pool of champagne and when they get out, they trash it and when Jose Arcadio saw it he whipped them Possibly gay? Latin America has a real difficulty with o After Fernanda dies, reads the will and says that Fernanda “wanted him” to be locked away in his room and never come out o Ultimately him and Aureliano connect, together they turned away the last of Colonel Jose Arcadio’s 17 sons, he needed a place to stay because people were chasing after him, if they had known who he was they might have let him in, says something about memory Last Chapter Themes o Secret Knowledge o Darkness of characters o Negativity of Excess Wealth o Depth of Expectation o Isolation/Abandonment o The consistent erosion of institutions Chapter 19 Thoughts
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o Tone in Chapter 19 is mournful, a thinning out of the fiction because there are fewer people, the town itself is dying, its only kept alive because Aureliano is working on translating transcripts and Amaranta Ursula trying to keep it alive,
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arlt april 4 notes - Lecture Notes April 4 F inal Chapters...

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