ARLT lecture notes march 7

ARLT lecture notes march 7 - Excerpt from March 6th N...

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Excerpt from March 6 th NYTimes “Tire Iron and Tamale” http:// The Contrast o Chapters start with a moment like a birth and end with a death, a painterly technique that he uses, pentimiento o Aureliano’s are internal people whereas Jose Arcadio are outgoing and worldly people, we see it reputedly, these chapter we have read (up to 12) show Petra C. and how she evolves characters, and we see the trait through Fernanda, who transformed the house and a revisit to Amaranta and Rebecca and the coming of the train Up to Chapter 12 o Ambivalence to change is an old Latin American theme, think of internally how indigenous groups did not get along, o We see repulsion to an object, deep ambivalence on the part of the author and the characters to the outside word, specifically capitalism and modernity, as it emerged in Latin America in the 16 th century o We see Ursula, who is know old, unable to maintain the house in the same way that she did before in contrast to Fernanda o Commonly fiction is written in linear time, GM doesn’t always seem to follow it, think of Mayans how time is circular on the other hand, Catholic/Marxist/Capitalist are all based
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This note was uploaded on 05/08/2011 for the course ARLT 100 taught by Professor Thompson during the Spring '07 term at USC.

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ARLT lecture notes march 7 - Excerpt from March 6th N...

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