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Lecture Notes April 13, 2011 Topic: Consitutionalist Victory, Popular counter-Revolution A.)Introduction a. Winning on the revolutionary battlefields allows revolutionaries to construct new governments according to their own agenda, that’s what they are fighting for, it is certain to say that Constitutionalist believed this, the Sonorans thought that they had won the chance to change the country, but they weren’t the only ones, b. Sonorans presidency of 1920- 1924, rebellion in 1928? B.) Sonoran Traditions a. Race Relations: both central mexico and southern mexico were filled with large settled Indian populations, non-indigenous people were usually peaceful when dealing with Indians, Sonora was quite different, whites tried to Yaqui get rid of Yacqui’s, saw them as threat, they refused to accept that Whites were masters of territories b. Economics (agribusiness): was based on export crops, irrigated lands, Sonora was not a state that was pressured to return community lands with the exception of Yacqui
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