apan chapter 5

apan chapter 5 - Severing the Bonds of Empire 1754 1774...

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Severing the Bonds of Empire 1754 – 1774 Notes APAN Chapter 5 Notes A.) Renewed Warfare Among European Nations a. Iroquois Neutrality i. In previous wars Iroquois Confederacy remained neutral even while Britain and France tried to gain control of the New World ii. Iroquois had their own conflict as they were fighting with Cherokees and Catawbas, iii. Trouble for Iroquois and Native Americans started in 1740’s when they ceded large chunk of land to Pennsylvania, this upset Delaware and Shawnees and they moved west where they lived with other displaced Indians but this land was organized by Ohio Company which was valuable land to French and British, French started building more outposts b. Albany Congress i. North & Middle colonies (British afraid of French) tried to convince Iroquois in 1754 to abandon neutrality and support them ii. Fort Duquesne situation, George Washington pushed ahead against the French, even though they were unequipped and outnumbered, had to surrender c. Seven Years War i. July 1755 outside of Fort Duquesne, French & Indian troops ii. Britain declares war on France in 1756, beginning the Seven Years War iii. First 3 years of war was a disaster, colonies did not offer supplies or men to help British, colonists did not agree to help until William Pitt agreed to reimburse colonies for their help in 1757 iv. Iroquois ally themselves with the British after British forces win control of St. Lawrence River and cut off major French supply route v. Treaty of Paris (1763) – France cedes majority of North American territory to British, Spain gives Florida to British, France gives territory west of the Mississippi in Louisiana to Spain B.) 1763: A Turning Point – British gains upper hand of North America so Native Americans can no longer threaten that they will side with the French or Spanish a. Neolin & Pontiac i. Neolin, a shaman, urged Indians to oppose the incursion of settlers
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apan chapter 5 - Severing the Bonds of Empire 1754 1774...

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