apan chapter 16

apan chapter 16 - T ransforming Fire: The Civil War 1861 -...

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Transforming Fire: The Civil War 1861 - 1865 A.)America Goes to War, 1861 – 1862 a. First Battle of Bull Run i. First Battle takes place in July of 1861 and shows US that while they have a lot of resources, victory will not be easy b. Grand Strategy i. Union plan under direction of General McClellan was to strangle the confederacy by capturing ports ii. Confederate plan was defensive, reasonable plan considering they believed they were defending their liberties and they did not have the same resources as the North c. Union Naval Campaign i. North makes gains by Sea during the first year by capturing islands like Hilton Head, as the North captures more land, more runaways come to Union lines, southerners begin to worry about the gravity of the war d. War in the Far West i. Union Victory in Arkansas shatters Confederate dominance and ruins Native American unity ii. Union & Confederacy fight over control of New Mexico, as New Mexico gives access to trading in Colorado & California e. i. Commander Grant (before he became president) tries to capture to important forts in Tennessee, Confederates attack in the morning after first Grant attack, no one clearly wins but staggering death and injured toll f. i. McCellan was slow to move, had outdated techniques, would ignore Lincoln’s demands and indecisive, he frequently overestimated the size of enemy forces ii. Robert E. Lee, originally opposed secession but became
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apan chapter 16 - T ransforming Fire: The Civil War 1861 -...

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