apan chapter 22

apan chapter 22 - The Quest for Empire 1865 - 1914 A.)...

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The Quest for Empire 1865 - 1914 A.) Imperial Dreams a. Imperial Dreams i. Important ideas in this chapter: Exceptionalism, nationalism, Social Darwinism, Capitalism, b. Foreign Policy Elite i. Those who really decide our FOPO are opinion leaders in politics, journalism, business, agriculture, religion, education, and the military ii. Believe in selling, buying, and investing for promise of profits in foreign sales, fear of a crisis (foreign investment is a safety valve), to export surpluses c. Foreign Trade Expansion i. Exports increase from $234 million in 1865, $1.5 billion in 1900, and to $2.5 billion in 1914 ii. Agricultural goods account for ¾ of total exports in 1870, 2/3 in 1900, by 1913 US outranks both Great Britain & Germany in exports d. i. Officials believe in supremacy, their speeches are full of words like manliness and weakling ii. Race thinking – popularized in magazine photos and cartoon, world’s fairs, postcards, school textbooks, museums, and political orations – reinforced notions of American greatness iii. Burlingame Treaty (1868) – free immigration between US and China, causes riots in American west, in San Francisco (1906) school board ordered segregation of Asian students e. The “Civilizing” Impulse i. Americans claimed hat in remaking foreign societies they were extending liberty and prosperity to less fortunate people B.) Ambitions and Strategies a. Seward’s Quest for Empire i. William Steward (Secretary of State 1861 – 1869) bought Danish West Indies (Virgin Islands), and Alaska from Russia for $7.2 million, cited the Monroe Doctrine to demand France leave Mexico b. International Communications i. Underwater Transatlantic cable links American & European telegraph network in 1866 ii. Britain & America sign Washington Treaty in 1871, apologizing for preying on Union by helping Confederacy during the Civil War c. i. Security Dilemma with buildup, Germany has superb navy, US wants to build up C.) Crisis in the 1890’s: Hawaii, Venezuela, and Cuba 1
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apan chapter 22 - The Quest for Empire 1865 - 1914 A.)...

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