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normal vs abnormal

normal vs abnormal - different rituals before going to bed...

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I believe that normal should be defined as being a common person. If you act like the majority, that makes you normal. If you are free of psychological disorders, you would be a normal person. If you can act in a way that is acceptable to society, you are normal. Everyone is likely to define normal differently, but I think of normal as being average. Abnormal is the opposite of normal. An abnormal person likely has a disorder which interferes with their daily life. The abnormality can be in many areas like intelligence or behavioral issues. One disorder that causes abnormal behavior is obsessive compulsive disorder. I have seen people with this disorder and though it is not their fault, their behavior is all but normal. A friend of mine had this disorder and when she entered her house she had to go up the steps then back down and then back up before entering her house. I also saw something on television about this disorder where the girl had many
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Unformatted text preview: different rituals before going to bed. She would brush her teeth twice look left before turning out her light and many other strange actions. Another disorder that causes someone to be abnormal is schizophrenia. A friend of my older sister had a father with this disorder. He often had many illusions and would forget where he was or who he was. He also had a drinking problem, which only made it worse. This frightened me as a child because his behavior was so abnormal. There are many differences between psychoanalytic, cognitive, and behavioral perspectives of abnormality. Psychoanalytic perspective believes that childhood conflicts are what cause disorders or abnormalities. Cognitive perspective views thoughts and beliefs to be the cause of these abnormal behaviors. Behavioral perspective believes that the behaviors are learned....
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