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Lecture 4 notes Sept 27 - Investments Definition o o Why...

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Investments: Definition o Why Invest? o Defining Characteristics of Any Investment Safety of Principal (RISK) Income Producing Capacity: Dividends/Interest Growth (Capital Gains) o The Fallacy of a “Perfect Investment” Different People/Different Investments o Liquidity of an Investment o Diversification of an Investment Portfolio What is Diversification? Ways to Diversify o Taxation of Investment Returns Personal Tax System vs. Corporate Tax System Personal Tax Rates 2010 o Federal Rates o Ontario Provincial Rates o The Ontario Surtax Calculating Total Tax Payable: An Example o Taxation of Investment Returns Marginal Tax Rate Definition Determining an Investor’s Marginal Tax Rate Types of Investment Returns Taxation of Interest and Example Taxation of Dividends and Example
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Taxation of Capital Gains and Example Effective Tax Rate Calculations Before and After Tax Rates of Return o Interest vs. Dividends vs. Capital Gains: Tax Summary
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