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FINA180 Concept Map 1: Antiquity and Medieval Instructions: Fill in all the blanks and send to your facilitator. Student’s Name: Grade: Element: Antiquity to 500 AD (SAMPLE) [Student does not need to add content] Medieval (500-1400) (Student Completes all empty fields) Music Major Musicians: pp. 58-60; 77-78 Pythagoras; early Greek musicians – little is known Early Roman and Christian – little is known PP 94-100 119-125 Gregorian Chant (c.540-1100) Guido of Arezzo (c. 997-1050) Abess Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1197) Bernart de Ventadom (l. 1150-1180) Peroti (c. 1150-1240) Pitch & Melody: Melody was nearly always monophonic Melodies stemmed directly from the highly ornamented and Near Jewish and Near Eastern Chants. Early monophonic vocal music. The simultaneous sounding o tones o different pitch or harmony. Chordal accompaniment. Harmony: Monophonic – unison chant Monophonic – unison chant Polyphony (organum) Rhythm: Determined by the poetic meter if the text & the melodic line rose and fell with the inflections of speech
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