CH 310M - CH 310M/318M MWF 9:0010:00 a.m WEL 1.308 Dr Brian...

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CH 310M/318M Dr. Brian M. Bocknack MWF 9:00–10:00 a.m. Spring 2010 WEL 1.308 Organic Chemistry I (Unique # 53195/53355) Instructional Staff : Role Name Office Hours Location Lecturer Dr. Brian M. Bocknack M 10:00-11:30a Tu 10:00a-12:00p W 1:00-2:30p F 10:00-11:30a No office hours on Thursdays, F 2/19, F 3/26, F 4/23 WEL 5.239 TA Bram Axelrod W 7:00-8:00p Cubicle A outside WEL 1.308 TA Nate Bill Th 3:00-4:00p Cubicle B outside WEL 1.308 TA David Del Valle M 1:00-2:00p Cubicle A outside WEL 1.308 Dr. Bocknack’s office hours begin on Wednesday, January 20 . TA office hours begin on Monday, January 25 . This schedule of office hours is effective through Friday, May 7 . Course E-Mail : All e-mail related to CH 310M/318M should be sent to the following address: [email protected] E-mail sent to other addresses will most likely not be answered! Please include the word “BOCKNACK” in the subject line for e-mail that requires Dr. Bocknack’s attention. Please include the word “GRADING” in the subject line for e-mail related to any grading concerns. We will not respond to e-mail questions that can be answered via reference to this course syllabus! We will make every effort to respond to e-mail queries within 24 hours (longer during weekends and breaks). In general, questions about the course material are best asked in person at office hours – we will refer you to office hours if it is not possible to answer your question conveniently via e-mail. Blackboard Course Web Site : This course uses Blackboard, a Web-based course management system in which a password-protected site is created for each course. Student enrollments in each course are updated each evening. Blackboard will be used to distribute course materials, for submission of certain graded homework assignments, to communicate online, and to post grades. You will be responsible for checking the Blackboard course site regularly for class work and announcements. As with all computer systems, there are occasional scheduled downtimes as well as unanticipated disruptions. Notification of these disruptions will be posted on the Blackboard login page. Scheduled downtimes are not an excuse for late work.
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2 Blackboard is available at: Support is provided by the ITS Help Desk at 475-9400 Monday through Friday 8 am to 6 pm, so plan accordingly. The lecture notes, homework, and exam answer keys that will be posted on Blackboard are for the benefit of students who are currently enrolled in Dr. Bocknack’s Organic Chemistry I course. All of these materials will be removed from Blackboard shortly after the end of the Spring 2010 semester – course materials are not archived. Course Materials
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CH 310M - CH 310M/318M MWF 9:0010:00 a.m WEL 1.308 Dr Brian...

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