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Psychology 360: Behavioral Neuroscience San Diego State University (Spring 2011) Room NH-100 Time: T 4:00-6:40 Instructor: Katherine Turner Office: LS-173 Email: Office Hours: Thursday (by appointment ) Psychology Department Phone: (619) 594-5358 (can leave message) Welcome! Welcome to Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience! Together, we are about to embark on a journey of exploration into the Elementary physiology of the nervous system. Physiological mechanisms underlying the psychological phenomena of sensation, perception, emotion, arousal, motivation, learning and memory, and cortical specialization 360 Course Objectives: If you pick up the New York or LA Times you are likely to come across headlines such as: “shyness in brain scans” or “Rested workers are better workers.” Or "UCSD Researchers Identify Gene Involved In Bipolar Disorder" Our goal in this course is to increase your understanding of the research behind the headlines, so that you can be a better consumer of the growing body of knowledge surrounding physiological psychology. To that end, we will examine the Brain bases of Cognitive, Intellectual, Social interactions, sensation, perception, emotion, arousal, motivation, learning and memory, and neurological disorders. COURSE TEXTS: Physiology of Behavior, Carlson Brain and Casebook in Child Behavior Disorders, 4th Edition, Kearney Office Hours: Office hours will be set by appointment. My office is located at the address listed at the top of this syllabus in the Life Sciences Building. If you want to see me, please email me to set up an appointment. Please feel free to ask questions via email. I check my email regularly during the day and will try to respond as quickly as possible to your questions. My email address and phone number are listed on the top of this syllabus. Attendance: Regular attendance is strongly recommended. Students should
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Additional reading may be placed on Blackboard note that exam material will come primarily from lecture material, movies, and the textbook . If you cannot attend class, it is highly recommended that you
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behavneuroscience360_syllabus(mod) - Psychology 360:...

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