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Exam Name___________________________________ MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question 1) When you are in a stressful situation and find yourself thinking, "I can't do this," one effective strategy is to: A) reframe. B) deny. C) project. D) withdraw. 1) 2) Which of the following is a physiological benefit of achieving and maintaining physical fitness? A) Increased resting heart rate B) Increased metabolic rate C) Decreased oxygen - carrying capacity D) Increased resting blood pressure 2) 3) The idea that each person must decide how to behave and that whatever decision that person makes is okay is known as: A) consequentialism. B) moral positivism. C) the deontological method. D) ethical relativism. 3) 4) After recovering from a hip fracture due to a fall in her home, an elderly woman receives physical therapy and instructions on how to use a walker. This is an example of ________ prevention activity. A) primary B) secondary C) medullary D) tertiary 4) 5) Which of the following is NOT one of the core elements of physical fitness? A) Muscular strength B) Speed C) Cardiovascular endurance D) Flexibility 5) 6) The duties and skills paramedics are allowed and expected to perform while carrying out their jobs are called: A) the statute of limitations. B) the scope of practice. C) the national standard curriculum. D) standing orders. 6) 7) A patient has been treated by paramedics for a sprained wrist. En route to the hospital, she suffers a stroke. What is the likely outcome of a negligence lawsuit brought by the patient? A) The suit would fail because the plaintiff failed to demonstrate malice on the part of the plaintiffs. B) The suit would fail because the plaintiff could not demonstrate that the paramedics' actions were the proximate cause of the stroke. C) The suit would succeed because the paramedics had a duty to act and the patient suffered actual damages. D) The suit would succeed because this was a foreseeable event. 7) 1
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8) An action or inaction by a paramedic that causes or worsens damages suffered by a patient is called the ________ of the damages. A) precipitating agent B) potential agent C) proximate cause D) primary cause 8) 9) A civil wrong committed by one individual against another is a: A) tort. B) felony. C) misdemeanor. D) breach of duty. 9) 10) Treating all patients and their families with respect is an example of a paramedic's ________ duty. A) liable B) medicolegal C) legal D) ethical 10) 11) In the presence of calcium, thrombin will encourage: A) fibrin clot formation. B) plasminogen release. C) platelet aggregation. D) prothrombin activation. 11) 12) Cerebrospinal fluid can be found within the: A) epidural space. B) subarachnoid space. C) dura mater.
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sample1 - Exam Name_ MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one...

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