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Teen suicide research paper - Kraal 1 Teenage Suicide Most...

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Kraal 1 Teenage Suicide “Most people require two basic things to feel positive about their lives: 1. they need love and 2. They need to feel good about themselves (Nelson &Galas 13).” Today’s teens are under more pressure than they were about 50 years ago. Everywhere you look there are drugs, the pressure to be thin, and the pressure to be perfect. Today’s children are constantly put under the microscope to be thin and beautiful; for boys to be muscular and athletic. If a child does not fit into any of these two groups then they are out casted by their peers and might turn to drugs and/or alcohol and some may even think that suicide would be the best answer. Suicide “threatens the lives of many thousands of young people each year. .. (Nelson & Galas 21).” There are many reasons why teens commit suicide and as a friend or parent there are signs to look for and ways to prevent it from happening. A child between the ages 10-17 is very impressionable. They try to please everyone and usually follow what their friends do in order to fit in. During this age group if a child or teenager doesn’t fit in with other kids their age then they can become very depressed. If the depression is not treated then it can eventually lead to suicide. When children reach their teenage years their hormones change and their temperament changes as well. Teenagers often rebel at this stage and have more arguments with their parents and/or siblings. Teenagers often think that suicide is a way to get back at their parents after a fight if the fight was severe enough. “Problems and situations that have pushed teens to attempt or complete suicide: Parent/sibling death, possible pregnancy, problems with parents, sale of family home, failing an exam, breaking up with boyfriend/girlfriend, not making the cheer squad, not making the athletic team, drugs, gay, lesbian, confused about sexual orientation(Nelson &Galas 19-20).” As teens reach high school there are many situations they are pressured into. They can be pressured into having sex, trying
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Kraal 2 drugs, or drinking alcohol. On TV there are shows like Sixteen and Pregnant and Teen Mom that make it look like it’s okay to have children young and that you’ll be on TV. Can you imagine being a straight A student in high school, already having your college picked out and then finding out your pregnant? This would cause tremendous stress on the pregnant teen. Questions that would come to mind would be: How can I support a baby? How will I finish school? Will I ever go to college? The biggest question that would cause stress would have to be: Will the baby’s father stay and help me raise the baby? To a pregnant teen this stress can cause her to think of a way to abort the baby whether it is a legal or illegal way. This can also make the pregnant teen to think that it might just be easier to take her own life then deal with the pregnancy or even telling her parents that she is pregnant. Drugs and alcohol can also lead a teen to suicide. When a teenager starts doing drugs and/
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Teen suicide research paper - Kraal 1 Teenage Suicide Most...

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