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1/11/2011 INTB200 Bijou Yang Lester, Ph.D. International Business Office: Matheson 503P Department of Economics and Office Hrs: T/Th: 2-3:30pm (email beforehand) International Business : 215-895-6973; f : 215-895-6975 Drexel University f : lesterby REQUIRED TEXT Customized Textbook from Charles W.L. Hill, International Business: Competing in the Global Marketplace , 8 th ed., Boston: McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 2011. (ISBN-13: 978-0-390-13117-1; ISBN-10: 0-390-13117-2) SUPPLEMENTAL READING The Economist, the Financial Times, and the Wall Street Journal COURSE OBJECTIVES This course equips students with an understanding of (i) cultural differences and business etiquette in conducting international business, (ii) cross-border economic activities including international trade and finance, and foreign direct investment, (iii) government intervention in trade and initiation of regional economic integration, and (iv) a typical multinational corporation’s business operations including export and countertrade, offshore manufacturing and supply chain management, and global financial management. The pedagogical approach is very much quantitatively-oriented, which is also true for homework assignments and both examinations. COURSE REQUIREMENTS, GRADING AND MAKE-UP POLICY 1. Students are required to empty their email box regularly so that email announcements for this class can reach you. 2. Students are strongly urged to read the assignments before each class in order to actively participate in the class discussion, which is an important component of a student’s class performance. 3. Two examinations, one presentation, and homework assignments are required in this course. Presentations should be either about the culture and business etiquette of a foreign country or about the business operation of a foreign multinational corporation (MNC). The business etiquette presentation should begin with a brief description of the country’s profile -- its geography, population, and the economy. Then it should focus on etiquette pertinent to business dealings with foreign counterparts, including dos and don’ts, from setting up the first contact, social events, to negotiation, and other specific working schedules or environments. Make sure that you emphasize the business etiquette unique to the country that is different from others. You may include personal experiences, if applicable. For the business operation presentation, choose (i) an MNC – each team must choose an MNC of a foreign origin, (ii) the core industry of the MNC should be different 1
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from those already selected (double-check with instructor), and (3) the business functional area that represents the success of the MNC. The latest news and information are preferred sources for your presentations. Generally they should include at least three components: (i) the company’s brief history, (ii) the importance of foreign sales, and (iii) specific features of or anecdotes about its business operation in the chosen area, i.e.,
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SyllabusW20110 - INTB200 International Business Department...

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