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IntroductiontoChinadebate - Introduction The United States...

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Introduction The United States should not discourage China’s coal burning. There are various reasons that prove this is not the job for the untied states. Among them deals with the United States rejection of the Kyoto Protocol the economic issues the United States face and the fact that China’s reduction of pollution is a working progress. In fact, The Sihe mine is being held up as a role model. It’s one of China’s largest and most modern coal mines, expected to produce 10 million tons of coal before the year is out. However it is the first mine in China to tackle greenhouse emissions by capturing the methane released from the earth as the coal is mined. Methods such as just is just the beginning of Chinas strides in reducing issues. China industrial revolution is proof that is capable of coming up with results fast. So I am confident that china will come up with a solution to help with the emissions. Just like during the Industrial Revolution in the late 18 th and early 19 th
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