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My Initial Hypothesis As Simone Weil the French philosopher once said there can be a true grandeur in any degree of submissiveness, because it springs from loyalty to the laws and to an oath, and not from baseness of soul (Davis, 2008). Characteristics of a man should include loyal, responsible, strong, and accountable. I agree with Simone Weil in saying that people are not submissiveness to authority because they have a dishonorable, morally low soul. They feel connected and tied into an oath or the law of the land. In our society authority figures are at the top of the hierarchy. Humans are the most evolved primates on this planet (Neville, 1973). As the most evolved primates in the world I would like to believe that we have enough knowledge to differ from right or wrong, non-dependent upon whom is giving the order. Professor Ron Truelove suggests that people are blinded by authority and we follow their orders even when their orders are not just (Truelove, 2009). It is also believed that blind obedience can result into mass murders and suicides (Blass, 2000; Hammersley, 2000). What connects obedience to authority? There is a parallel with the Jonestown suicide, the Holocaust, and Heaven’s Gate, with obedience to a higher power. In many cases that showed authoritarianism religion was a major factor. Are these people at fault? What does the Asch conformity theory really prove? I believe that obedience to authority can have positive or negative effects depending on the authority figure. What I do not believe is that people act out of pure ignorance and conformity to a cause even if they know that it is unjust. To the outside world it is unjust, but to their society it is a norm and the authority they follow is not blind authority. The reason people are submissive to authority is because they connect with them on an emotional and social level that has earned their trust (Ventor, 2006).
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Empirical Evidence Religious obedience is that general submission which religious vow to God and voluntarily promises to their superiors in order to be directed by them in ways of perfection according to the purpose and constitutions of their order (Vermeersh, 1911). Atheist or not it is hard to argue that the Bible provides this world with a lot of order. It is important to realize that without the Bible, there would be precious little basis for affirming human rights and the intrinsic dignity and value of human life (Gilbert, 2002). Since religion plays a role in the Jonestown incident and Heaven’s Gate I wanted to evaluate Abraham’s actions of obedience against those of the people who committed suicide. The story of Abraham is interesting because we see a correlation between faith and obedience (Howlett, 1907) There is also misconception of Abraham’s action of sacrifice. The correlation of obedience and faith is misleading if there is little Bible knowledge possessed by the viewer (Gilbert, 2002). People fail to understand is that Abraham didn’t only act in obedience
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psych reation 2 - My Initial Hypothesis As Simone Weil the...

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