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Frank Edmonds Ryan Air Case Dec 6, 2010 Isom 351 1. Ryan Air has a mixed of products and services that creates tremendous wealth opportunities. Ryan Air launched largest booking website Ryaniar.com. This website also allows passengers lowest cost car hire, hotel accommodation, travel insurance, and rail services, credit cards services, gift vouchers, and cruises. Ryan Air sponsored the Sky news weather reports, which advertises their company name into millions of homes and thousands of hotel rooms in Europe. Ryan Air became number one in punctuality, fewer cancellations and least lost bags. They have the youngest fleet of any other carrier. No fuel surcharge unlike their competitors. Check in online services, allowing passengers the opportunity to check in online across the entire network. Ryan Air launched gaming and bingo. 2. Their processes include no check in. The way this work is you simply show your passport and supply your reference number. Seats are on a first come first served basis. There are no air bridges that connect you to the side of the aircraft. Also baggage is deposited directly onto the terminal. Their strategy was modeled after Southwest airlines low fare policy. Their process includes high frequency flights and a single aircraft fleet. Ryan Air does not use travel agents so it does not pay agency commission. They also have online booking. Many of their destination airports are secondary. Their strategy also includes cost leadership. They implement their strategy by reducing operating cost to lower the fares they charge. Unfortunately while cutting cost they also cut their quality and customer service. Things such as scrapping free drinks and expensive meals on
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board. Their business model is center around 3 subjects. The first one is Ancillary Revenue and inflight service. This revenue as of 2009 was at 598 million. The second
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Ryanair_case[1] - Frank Edmonds Ryan Air Case Dec 6 2010...

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