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background - Are you in a computational-finance yes no...

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Spring 2011 Course: IE581 STUDENT INFORMATION Family Name: ______________________ First Name: ______________________ What would you like me to call you? _______________________ E-mail address (written clearly): ________________________ Telephone number: (day) ___________________ (evening) __________________ Best method to contact you: email day phone evening phone Current degree objective: BS MS PhD in the field of ________________________ Eventual degree objective: MS
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Unformatted text preview: Are you in a computational-finance ? yes no Background: Relevant work experience: Previous simulation courses: Spread-sheet experience: None Some Much Computer-programming experience: None Some Much C C++ FORTRAN JAVA MatLab Other _______________________ Previous courses in probability or statistics: Any concerns or comments: Schmeiser School of Industrial Engineering...
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