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Mathematical Statistics HW#1-992

Mathematical Statistics HW#1-992 - Mathematical...

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Mathematical Statistics-992 Homework #1 Due 3/3/2011 這次作業不須教科書,只要有玩心。 1. Poker is a game which is played by dealing five cards to each of several players. Each such set of five cards is called a :poker hand”.( 在課堂上我們做了 one hand 的機率,也略提了 two hands 的機率 ) (1) Suppose that we deal one hand of five cards. (a) Find the total number of possible pairs of hands. (b) Find the probabilities of the events that the cards all come from the same suit(a flush 同花 ), the cards form a straight ( 順子 , : 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) (2) Now suppose that we deal two hands of five cards each from the same deck. To find the probability that both players get a full house with different pairs,
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