If union helps or hurts economy

If union helps or hurts economy - overtime. They also...

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Labor Unions, United we Fall Since the 1860’s America’s ideals, culture, and methods have drastically changed. In 1866 the first official labor union was founded, the National Labor Union. This short-lived union gave a spark to the evolution of unions and their roles in the improved lives of working Americans, such as the eight-hour work day. In the 1940’s the unions raised dramatically in popularity, 36% of workers belonged to unions, but more recently union popularity has plummeted. The reason may be attributed to the question of whether labor unions help or hurt the American economy. In current day, unions do strain the economy of America, but at the same time stimulate the overall macro economy of the world. Unions have helped improve the lives of workers exponentially by limiting the work day to eight hours and requiring the employers to pay
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Unformatted text preview: overtime. They also helped to establish the federal minimum wage, unemployment insurance, and child labor regulations. Due to the expenses of keeping unions running, workers need to be paid more. Because union workers are paid higher wages than non-union workers companies who employ union workers usually charge more for their products or services. In todays society union workers cannot compete with un-unionized businesses. Though labor unions did strengthen the American economy in the past, the labor unions of present-day America hurt our economy. Labor unions are a necessity though to an economy who values their workers, as unions, when needed, improve our working conditions when employers will not....
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If union helps or hurts economy - overtime. They also...

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