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Info - o He was in league with Ithaqua o Wrote a hidden...

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Set in 1920… Someone dies… Charlotte Geoffrey Marrid to Alexei Orkonov It is an artist the investigators, a relative, co worker, fan, Are hired by the artists family to investigate her death to see if it was by the hands of the soviets The state plans to sell her art work at a museum… Her last sketching was of a furry ape in snow coverd hills The sketching was done in a part of Siberia But the artist was never there… according to her servent she was in the wine basement of her Dacha where she sketched that, she requested he not fallow her If the people take a train there, there is a commotion going on at one of the trains that is stopped a mysterious primate is found wounded on the tracks, it attacks the party Keeper Mongolion invasion brought mirka, birthed form the blood and violence Mirka = Yeti Yeti leave the villagers alone but raid and take as they wish, yearly they demand blood sacrifices to Ithaqua, the leader of the Yeti, Vasilii Orkonov o built Chuch of Saint Theodosius before the city was even built
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Unformatted text preview: o He was in league with Ithaqua o Wrote a hidden book “The Book of Dark Winter” • Ithaqua o Has a cult witin the russain Church Who then became rulers • Church of Saint Theodosius o Catacombs Cult of Ithaqua Blood sacrifices Has relief statues carved into the walls • One is of the thing Geoffrey did • Many more are similar to her works o Destroyed after they got caught • Cult of Ithaqua o Caught by Peter the Great Assassinated Shipped off to Siberia • Since then it has rebult • How she died o Her husband killed her after he became insane after looking at her works They say she spent hours upon hours looking at her works Since then Alexei Orkonov has been renamed to something else and placed in a sanitorium • The Temple of the Khanate o Mentioned in the book somewhere in Siberia http://www.goodman-games.com/downloads/AOC3-PDF-Preview-Introduction.pdf...
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Info - o He was in league with Ithaqua o Wrote a hidden...

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