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Info - Players get to New Orlines Seems to be a normal town...

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Confedrate blocade runner brings back a mysterious book from a union ship wreck On the trip back to port they bragg about their find but are immedatly orderd by superiors to bring it to a scholor in New Orlines… since then there has been no contact with them or the scholor, and the regiment we sent to New Orlines for the winter has not returned, it is now April…
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Unformatted text preview: Players get to New Orlines Seems to be a normal town in martial law Keeper notes • Book was a mythos book o Has a spell in it where the reader becomes possesd by Nytherotep o Scholor is now a proxy of Nytherotep • Controls the southern regiment • Summoning fishmen from the waters • Sacroficeing slaves, Indians and ect… • New Orlines seems to just be...
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