NetHack - NETHACK(6) NETHACK(6) NAME nethack - Exploring...

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Sheet1 Page 1 NETHACK(6) NETHACK(6) NAME nethack - Exploring The Mazes of Menace SYNOPSIS nethack [ -d directory ] [ -n ] [ -p profession (role) ] [ -r race ] [ -[DX] ] [ -u playername ] [ -dec ] [ -ibm ] nethack [ -d directory ] -s [ -v ] [ -p profession (role) ] [ -r race ] [ playernames ] DESCRIPTION NetHack is a display oriented Dungeons & Dragons(tm) - like game. The standard tty display and command structure resemble rogue. Other, more graphical display options exist if you are using either a PC, or an X11 interface. To get started you really only need to know two commands. The command ? will give you a list of the available com- mands (as well as other information) and the command / will identify the things you see on the screen. To win the game (as opposed to merely playing to beat other people's high scores) you must locate the Amulet of Yendor which is somewhere below the 20th level of the dun- geon and get it out. Nobody has achieved this yet any- body who does will probably go down in history as a hero among heros. When the game ends, whether by your dying, quitting, or escaping from the caves, NetHack will give you (a fragment of) the list of top scorers. The scoring is based on many aspects of your behavior, but a rough estimate is obtained by taking the amount of gold you've found in the cave plus four times your (real) experience. Precious stones may be worth a lot of gold when brought to the exit. There is a 10% penalty for getting yourself killed. The environment variable NETHACKOPTIONS can be used to initialize many run-time options. The ? command provides a description of these options and syntax. (The -dec and -ibm command line options are equivalent to the decgraph- ics and ibmgraphics run-time options described there, and are provided purely for convenience on systems supporting multiple types of terminals.) Because the option list can be very long (particularly
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NetHack - NETHACK(6) NETHACK(6) NAME nethack - Exploring...

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