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Stuff Not Coverd - c Raids everything i Vicious d Like...

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1. Haracles a. Silitified b. Byzantine Empiror 2. Brutus a. Foudned Rupublic 3. Pope Leo a. Turnes away Atilla 4. Leo 3 rd a. Inciates Iconoclasms 5. Leo a. Crowned Charlamaign 6. Iconoclasm a. Smashing of Images of Christ 7. Harun Al Rashid a. Calief of Abbasid b. Ruled around 800 8. Claudius a. Empiror that was Deafied 9. Mercury a. Hermies b. Commerce 10. Augusti a. Name of two leading empires under tetrarchy 11. Theme a. Divided Empire into districts b. Controleld by One guy Military and Civilian
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12. Basial a. Explands Byzantine Empire 13. Petrine Doctrine a. Pope says he is head of church not the guy form Constantinople 14. Magyears a. Attack Slovis b. Settle in Hungry 15. Vikings a. 793 b. People from the North
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Unformatted text preview: c. Raids everything i. Vicious d. Like attacking churches 16. Lombards a. Take over Ostagoth territory 17. Peppen a. Son is Charles b. Holds “Mayor of Palice” in Franks 18. Ireland a. Center of Learning 19. Bede a. Ecleasiclasical History of England b. Uses AD dating 20. Pippen The Short a. Fought Lombards, convinced by pope b. Gives North Italy to pope c. Father of Charlemagne 21. Charlemagne a. Doubled size of Empire b. Set up Schools c. Churches 22. Carolingian a. Frankish b. Pippen c. Charles d. Pippen e. Carlemagne 23. Verdun a. Place where Louies kids divinded Europe...
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